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Platform NoCode dengan business flow yang handal dan template aplikasi yang banyak
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Bagaimana cara kerja NO-CODE KISSFLOW

Install Apps dari Templates yang ada

Choose from more than 50 ready-to-use apps. 
From Travel Reimbursements to Employee Onboarding, just install and customize your own automated application.

Customize Form Anda

Use a drag and drop interface with more than 14 types of fields to create your perfect form. 
Create pre-populated fields, add tables, group similar data into sections, and use logic to build a foolproof form.

Tentukan Workflow Anda

Diagram your workflow, set deadlines, create conditions, and model your process just as they appear in your mind. 
Create triggers to skip unneeded steps and create complex workflows with parallel branches.

Tentukan Permissions

Make fields editable, read-only, or hidden for every task in your workflow. 
Safeguard your form data and ensure accountability with role-based access.

Initiate Workflows

Initiate workflows with a single click. Handle approvals, input requests, and clarifications from your phone or desktop. 
Ask questions or send items back to any step in the workflow.

Monitor Progress

Instantly check the status of any item to see where bottlenecks are forming and get an estimated completion time.

Advanced Reports

View KPIs, configure ad-hoc reports, export report data, analyze dynamically generated data with other teams, and more with KiSSFLOW’s advanced reporting features.

Dengan Puluhan Ready-To-Use and Custom Applikasi

Now everyone can make Apps


Bagi Pengguna Excell Spreadsheet tanpa background programmer

Every Item. 
One Dashboard

Stop using spreadsheets and email to track workflows. KiSSFLOW instantly shows you the progress of any item.Tailor-made reporting to meet your workflow automation needsIdentify bottlenecks quickly with intelligent business process management tools

One Platform.
Unlimited Automation

Business process management software that lets you create an unlimited number of automated business applications. Choose from 45+ pre-installed apps, or create your own

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